CF "EJ" Race

Key Features:
  • Perfect Foils
  • CNC Made in Encinitas, California
  • Height: 6.5"
  • Base Length: 6.5"
  • Overall Width: 12.3"
  • Construction: Polyester or G-10
Price: $110.95
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At a glance:

The "EJ" Race Stand Up Paddleboarding Fin is a purpose built race fin specifically designed to conquer the kelp filled waters of Sothern California. This fin's uncanny ability to easily cut through seaweed has earned it the nickname "Kelp Cutter." It is the favorite fin of legendary California paddler Ernie "EJ" Johnson. Available in one size 6.5” (16.5 cm), it has a large surface area for its depth resulting in good tracking.


Ernie "EJ" Johnson's signature fin, the EJ SUP Race 6.5" is a union of our SUP Keel Fin and a fin we designed for Brian Szymanski's various Catalina Classic Stock-class victories.  It features a cut-away swept-keel outline similar to our 2010 SUP Keel Fin, but with a shorter base to accomodate lighter 8.5" fin boxes.  To account for the surface area lost by shortening the base length, we added to the overall width (leading edge to trailing tip) of the fin which allowed us to utilyze a thinner foil section while retaining a favorable flex characteristic.  The result is a thin, rigid fin that is very fast with excellent weed shedding qualities.  While this fin's template is not one you would typically think of as a surfing fin, it actually performs quite well in the bump.

The EJ SUP Race Fin is excellent for coastal and downwind racers who will regularly encounter kelp paddies.  EJ credits this fin for making it possible to plow through the kelp rather than making costly course corrections during the race.

CF "EJ" Race
CF "EJ" Race
CF "EJ" Race
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